Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • redddiv
    06-29 02:16 PM
    I asked this before but did not get any answer. Trying my luck again. I lost my OPT card and unfortunately have no records what so ever of it.
    Is there a way I can get a copy of this from USCIS?

    USCIS will not give you a copy.

    OK There are two places you can find your OPT CArd.
    1. International Students Office of your College (if you had given thema copy, most likely).

    2. The company that you were employed during OPT(Definitely they take a copy of this OPT Card. Check with them.)

    Hope you will find Luck with this.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-06 04:13 PM
    OK, thank you. Has anyone done this? Going from AOS to H-1B? I mean, getting into H1 status w/o leaving the U.S.?

    I cannot give you an example, since I don't know anybody doing that. AFAIK, if the H1 document, does not come with the I-94, then you have to leave the country and enter to get into H1b status. However, if you do get the I-94 stub, you need not travel thru POI.

    confirm with an attorney.

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  • brij523
    11-12 04:02 PM
    for the member who helps us complete our first century..

    I change my membership from GA to TX. Where is my T-shirt?

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  • va_dude
    05-07 10:38 AM
    Dude... do some research on the forum on AC-21. There's tons of information.

    Anyway, no form to fill out. Whether or not to send info is your choice.

    Some attorneys basically just send a letter to uscis letting them know that you moved to emp B from emp A and include specifics about job duties, position, salary etc and that you are invoking the AC-21 rule/act.


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  • transpass
    02-27 01:13 PM
    IMO, you should spend the money yourself instead of depending on the company for GC expenses...

    Why are you worried about the money? Go hire a lawyer and get your GC process started, asking your manager/HR just for the paperwork support. That way it is easier for you and easier for them too...IMO, Asking the company to bear the expenses for GC is too much, especially in this economy.

    As far as H1 is concerned, I guess you need to be in constant touch with your manager and press the issue till she talks to the immigration people and move from there. Talk to your supervisor and ask his help to move the paperwork faster. May be he/she can in turn talk to the HR person to speed things up, without the baloney you are hearing from HR. Also, talk to the lawyer and offer your HR manager that the lawyer can speak to her directly about the issue to speed up things...

    In the meantime, keep your options open and look for another job so that you can transfer your H1 and start fresh...Hopefully if this option works, don't make the mistake of waiting for HR to start your GC process...Just be proactive and do it on your own...

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  • sanprabhu
    07-17 05:51 PM
    Guys -

    Senator Cornyn is proposing an amendment to the DOD bill SA 2143. I am not able to read the text of this in Senate.org. We may have to start our campaign again for a permanent fix soon.

    NumbersUSA is reporting this in their website. Please we need to mobilize soon.


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  • mayurcreation
    02-25 12:03 PM
    I brought toyota camry from a dealer in NY state last year feb/2010 on (toyota) finance, the dealer only asked me for my driver lience and ssn. he took copy of driver licence and ssn. nothing ask or talk about my immigration status etc, etc...

    looking at me my friend (working with me) brought brand new toyota camry same month feb/2010 from PA dealer with 0% apr for 5 yrs. he also shown and given photo copy his driver licence and ssn.

    myself and my friend both are on h1b visa.

    this could be possibly happen because of private financing (toyota finance) not bank...

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  • pappu
    09-18 05:23 PM
    If any IV member works in the university, could you find out if there are any Indian and chineese assistant professors that have joined in the recent past. Such people might have applied in EB2 through university and will be retrogressed.

    Also pls get in touch with post-docs in your universities and inform them about IV. Hopefully some of them might be willing to help us with the interview.


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  • srikondoji
    04-26 07:16 PM

    Many of my blogs were posted on the front page of timesOfIndia news paper.
    With the hope that they would also post my latest blog highlighting the ImmigrationVoice, i have written a blog.

    Please write comments on this blog and make additions to what i have posted.

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  • Jaime
    09-20 01:30 PM
    In our next rally (hopefully soon) we should all carry placards, but they should read only ONE strong message, along the lines of:


    but shorter and more catching



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  • sri1309
    11-05 10:26 PM
    Congratulate OBAMA.. This is the time to tell them that we would like to vote him next time. He knows the immigrant problems.. We should hope for change..

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  • ultimate_champ
    11-29 11:14 AM
    After showing all the documentation and the AC21 law links to USCIS site, my lawyer and immig dept agree that 03-Aug-2007 is my receipt date.

    so my 180 days start from 03-Aug-2007. Quite a relief for me.

    On the other side, I already lost out on 1 opportunity coz they took so much time to get back with the answer. I hope something clicks in the near future.

    Thanks for the forum feedbacks and answers. This really helped.


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  • roseball
    07-16 05:40 PM
    Yes, NSC DOES accept 485 applications....

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  • loveiv
    06-18 05:11 PM
    someone please explain me how complete agreement works. I am working for the client through the main vendor who has a noncompete agreement with my employer (This is signed by my employer, not me). Now I am planning to leave my employer but the client is interested keeping me in the project through another vendor. Can someone explain me if it is possible?

    Since the Noncompete is between my employer and the vendor, how am I responsible since I didn't sign anything? Don't laugh, may be I am ignorant

    This is exactly what I did in the past and my desi employer could not do anything because I never signed anywhere, it was between him and the vendor.
    I think you should be fine.


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  • Munshi75
    05-02 07:46 PM
    Just made a contribution.

    Thank you guys

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  • ngaheer
    12-12 02:51 PM
    Hi all,

    This forum is full of smart people. So I want to throw my situation out there to get some advice from all of you. I am into 7th year of my H1 with by labor with PD of Sep 2002. At the rate things are moving, I am running out of patience here.

    Things took an interesting turn last week, when a mid sized Software co. is willing to outsource me some of their work. Given the size of the opportunity, I will need to go to India to setup a team of 5 to 6 ppl. The co. is pretty eager and willing to offer some of the finanical guarantees I have asked for.

    So my question is, should I take this opportunity and say good bye to GC? Or I should be patient as there may be a need to be in US to grow my outsourcing biz, in case it jump starts well. What would you do if you were presented this opportunity and you had the enterpreurial spirits to pull it off.

    I would be eager to see what people say here.


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  • jetflyer
    08-05 10:13 AM
    I am expecting more.. lets see what happens in next 1 week.
    If we don't see approval it means there are chances for Cutoff date moving forward for EB2 I/C.

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  • abheja
    08-25 03:26 PM
    I am trying to port from EB3-->EB2 but my company is reluctant to pay the attorney fees. I am willing to pay the attorney fees but the company insist they must pay the fee. I thought the company must pay only the filing fees?

    This is a simple question but it is becoming a big deal for me. Thanks for your help.

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  • nightowl76
    03-04 04:19 PM
    narendra_modi = troll alert

    reasons: first post, missing info, irrelevant post

    01-27 11:43 PM
    These are minor things, although annoying, but I wouldn't worry about them. I guess it's just your GC interview. The good thing is that they are processing your case. I would suggest taking your lawyer with you. When is your interview? Just curious what is the time frame. Good luck.


    Interview is scheduled during the first week of March.

    06-08 05:14 PM
    Hi folks,
    Thanks to all who responded and viewed my post.
    I am still in the US, I had to reschedule my travel plans, which leaves me very little time for the event. But atleast, I have the satisfaction that I gave it my best shot.
    On the plus side, I get to stay back for a couple more days, so that's good.
    BTW, my status is still pending. The website updated the status late Friday afternoon, and changed it from "Request for more evidence sent" to "Evidence received, and processing resumed".
    I even had my manager call the USCIS service center for a status update, where he was spoken to rather rudely and curtly by the visa officer. The officer just stated that they have received the documents we sent, and will be processing the application. He also said that the website does not get updated regularly or instantly. Rather, the flow of things would be like this :-
    Application adjudicated, E-mail sent to Petitioner, Mail sent to petitioner, Status updated.

    I am still hoping that my new company atleast gets the approval e-mail before I leave.

    And since I don't have a valid visa anyways, I will be relying on this approval to get my visa stamped.

    Thanks for all your help.

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