Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • cchaitu
    11-06 04:19 PM
    The question is: is a copy of I140 is that important to use AC21 . From the posts on IV forums I got the impression is you dont even need a copy of I140. The important thing is to apply for change of attorneys immediately after changing the job. If you get any RFE - you will get on the employment verification - then you need to show you have a job that is same/similar as the one in labor certification. If you know the job description (generally most employers attorneys share this info to make sure that you have relevant experience) then make sure your new job is same or atleast mostly similar.

    In your two options you mentioned using EAD for one job and H1b for another. I read somewhere that this cannot be done (I dont have the link but I think this is from Murthy chat). Once you use EAD your satus will change to 485 waiter with EAD - seems like you can change back to H1b - but having two statuses at the same time is not possible. This is my understanding based on forum reading (not a lawyer).

    Thanks Kishdam for your quick reply

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  • isla fisher hair color. Isla Fisher has gorgeous red

  • Khujaokutta
    05-15 05:25 PM
    This gentleman is Feb 06 and is worried about his wife's GC not being approved, while folks and a lot of 'Janta' like us have PD's before his, and are still waiting............makes me more and more dukheeeee.........

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  • fullerene
    12-14 09:29 PM
    I received an invitation letter from Congressman Marty Meehan to attend the town meeting at 10am 12/16 at UMass Lowell.

    Although the topic of the meeting is "Climate Change: Local Solutions to a Global Crisis". But it will be a good chance for us to meet congressman.

    Congressman Marty Meehan is Fifth Congressional District of Massachusetts He does not support the CIR but he do support the elimination of backlog of GC. He is a member of both the House Armed Services and Judiciary Committees.

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  • Munshi75
    09-12 10:19 AM
    We went through the similar situation few weeks back. My wife's employer took her out of payroll for sometime as she could not get her EAD approved on time. But we had to convince the manger that the delay was infact the result of USCIS processing our application late and they checked our EAD application receipt notice to make sure that we applied beyond the 90 day mark . This would help immediate managers to make a decision infavour of us when in talks with higher-up's.

    Also if the application has been pending beyond 75 day , USCIS would allow you to make expedite request.



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  • gondalguru
    09-29 11:58 AM
    Its kinda confusing and really not that big or sensational.

    Nothing sensational here. But it does affect me and all the physicians who have pending NIW based I-485.

    I have finished 5 years of NIW service for physician and waiting for visa number (PD 9-2004). I have a conrad 30 related I-140 (approved) / I-485 (pending).

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  • MrWaitingGC
    09-08 07:18 PM

    I like the way you implemeted the voting. But when my friend tried to vote he cannot see radio buttons to vote. Even I cannot see. Can you please check.

    Please implement PD and Dependents ASAP. Stick this link on main page so that we can refer easily to our friends.

    This will be sure a success down the line


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  • Isla Fisher | 7 view

  • jerez_z
    11-03 11:39 AM
    drop me an email (I'm 17) --> jeremy.moseley[AT] MSN -> jim_at_hotmail_dot_com[AT]

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  • ramankgb
    06-03 11:15 AM
    E filed both myself and spouse application 157 days before expiry of EAD. Received Receipt numbers immediately, since i e-filed. i did send in the documentary evidence supporting the case also.
    Also received FP request, which i had to re-schedule twice(once for visit abroad, second on missing app. due to late arrival of notice). Finally got FP completed on third try.
    However, i received email stating that an RFE has been send for both our applications. Still awaiting for the paper document.

    Does this mean the application was accepted? Or Should i e-file once again instead of waiting on the outcome of this application as i am already a month late to expiration of EAD?
    RFE asked me to clarify my intend for applying for EAD (replacement or renewal). I replied that i had asked for renewal and that i was not aware of any limit on the date.
    EAD Card recieved with 1 year extension from date of expiry of previous EAD.


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  • posted 11:28a, 01/27/11 this

  • perm2gc
    09-01 09:49 AM
    I am in the process of changing job. The new employer is saying that I can start working with them from the very next day, after they file H1B transfer application. ie I don't have to wait for the receipt. Is this true? They are asking me to give 2 weeks notice immediately so that by the time they file H1B, 2 weeks will get over, and I can start there immediately.
    Please reply its kind of urgent for me.

    It is always good to wait until you get the Receipt Notice..You never know what will happen..Dont take Chances with USCIS..

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  • aksaharan
    08-07 08:18 PM
    > Immigrants from ROW (Rest Of World) seem to be immune from it
    Certainly not true for EB3


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  • santa123
    06-09 11:20 PM
    I suggest that you put things in black and white.
    Write to the former employer to let him know that you have been calling him reg the dues. Give him a time frame and let him know that you will consider going to DOL if things are not sorted out.

    Pls be polite with your wordings as this may help resolve the issue itself.

    Dear Viewers

    Could anyone please advice me on how to claim the unpaid salary from the previous employers.

    I was working for a company based in Michigan run by an Indian. This person did not pay me my last month salary. He does not pick up his phone or respond to my email. I have all the proof that my client has paid him the money for which I worked but he continue to ignore my request. This guy owes me around 5000 dollars.

    Any piece of advice would be of great help.

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  • paulkurni
    06-17 05:37 PM

    This had been discussed may be thousands of time and discussion never ends. Do you really need to open a thread for this.

    If it has been discussed many times then I regret to see we haven't achieved much out of this. But I believe persistence is the key to be successful in any cause.


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  • andy garcia
    07-18 04:19 PM
    thanks for the answer buddy

    woaaah.. that's a very little number.... :p

    Last year the top 5 countries in EB got all these visas:

    Total EB ****** 159,081
    Philippines ***** 23,733
    India ********* 17,169
    Korea ******** 10,886
    China ******** 9,484
    Mexico ****** 8,864

    The actual limit is 7% of the total EB plus FB which is:
    (140,000 + 226,000) * .07 = 25,620

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  • highskies26
    08-15 12:07 AM
    +2003 11
    2004 37
    2005 49
    2006 35
    Total 132

    draw your own conclusions
    Seems right to me... I think a lot of 2004-2005 applicants are also getting approved.

    BTW, I am also a 2006 applicant and July 2nd filer but still waiting... :(


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  • fullerene
    12-18 02:37 PM
    I attended the event at UMass Lowell. Congressman Marty Meehan and new governor elect Deval Patrick were at the event. The topic of discussion was "global warming". Both governor and congressman took off after the event but I had a chance to talk to their staff.

    One of congressman's staff went through the folder I provided with IV documents but he works for energy related issues and will pass to the staff dealing with immigration. He did provide me the senior staff member who looks into immigration issues. I'm going to email and try and meet him. Congressman Meehan is part of the judiciary committee related to immigration.

    MA members> I'll send out a separate email to you guys and each one of us should contact and educate the congressman though his main focus seems to be the climate change issue.

    thank you very much. I could not attend the meeting. But I did fax my letter to his Lowell Office.

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  • uslegals
    12-21 09:56 AM
    Any advice is appreciated.!



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  • Bush
    03-10 10:33 PM
    URGENT -
    I already have approved I-140 in eb3/Sept 2002. I am substituting a labor (EB2) - if approved I would be able to apply for I-485 right away.
    My Lawyer has advised to apply I-140 as it is for EB2. (which means no reference to earlier eb3 PD ) And upon its approval during I-485 application, request for earlier PD. In fact, as per him - only reference I need is to seek eligibility for I-485 application. Which is true but shouldn�t I-140 which is basis of I-485 application should show eligible PD.

    Please let me know yr opinion.

    As per my attorney it should be during the time of 140 you have to apply along with a copy of old PD.

    Now I am not sure.

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  • stxvr
    07-09 11:25 AM
    "Desi3933- For valid H1 status, the LCA location dictates the job location. The job location must be 50 miles (I need to check on this) with in LCA location."

    1. From where you found this 50 mile rule. Are you sure about this?
    2. If you have worked on 2 LCAs (1 used for the 1 time 1HB, another during the extension), then in that case they look into the latest (used for extension) OR they look into both?

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  • gcfriend65
    06-06 08:57 AM
    OK, Here is my situation. I came to the U.S. in August 1998 on F-1 visa stamped until Dec. 2000. I continued on my F-1 I-94 till November 2002, at which point I switched to H-1 B. I have changed three jobs prior to this one, but never have been out of status. I have all my pay stubs, income tax returns and original I-797's for the companies I worked for and am currently working. I have two Master's degrees from US university. Is it advisable to go for H-1 B visa stamping in Canada, Mexico or Mumbai, India. I have my passport valid till April 2015.

    10-23 04:56 PM
    Hello OP,
    Fly to Tulsa. There is tonnes of BUS service from Tulsa to Nogales(AZ). It is damn cheap..I think $10.00

    Did you mean Tuscon? Tulsa is in OK and $10 will get you to middle of nowhere, not Nogales.

    02-15 03:09 PM
    Try You can book tickets from India and pay in USD. If the airline you selected still issues paper tickets instead of e-tickets then orbitz mails the tickets to your US address.

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