Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • kartikiran
    11-11 11:56 AM
    Almond, even i used to think "so close and yet so far". but now have understood, i was never close to begin with...:(
    it is better to accept the reality than trying to live with fool's gold like i did for about 2-3 years...
    So close and yet so far...so damn far.

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  • FinalGC
    03-30 11:58 AM
    Thanks guys for all the wisdom....I believe I knew the answer, but needed a 2nd opinion...

    I had to renew my H1 visa, so was wondering what would happen if my GC was to get approved and my dependents remain pending, before the h1 is applied. My GC is still pending, hope to see some Green soon....maybe this year. All the best for all of you.

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  • crystal
    08-28 04:08 PM
    Either u need to ask your own lawyer or u need to ask the lawyer of the company where u going to join or do ur own research at risk

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  • kondur_007
    08-17 11:31 AM
    It's a flip of a coin:

    1. Some VO cancel your all previous visas when stamping new one. If that happens, of course you can not use any of the previous visas.

    2. Some VO are "lazy" to so; if they leave your B1 as it is (and do not cancel it), you can use it in future.

    You can not "ask" them to leave your B1 alone (as legally they are required to cancel them). If you raise the questions during stamping, chances are that they "will cancel" it. So best option: Go for stamping and see what happens!

    good luck.


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  • muthukmk
    08-03 04:14 PM
    Hi All,

    I have my labor filed and approved for EB3 March 2005 PD. My I140 too has been approved in June 2007. I filed for 485 on July 2nd. I would like to know whether I can now start a fresh EB2 and also apply for I140 and use the older Eb3 priority date of March 2005. I have not changed my company I need guidance for experts in this regard.

    Just for information, my I140 was approved after I had applied for 485


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  • kumar1
    11-24 12:57 PM
    IO would not give I-94 for more than 6 months (180 days). The moment your parents cross 185 days of stay in the US, you can claim them as your dependents for tax purposes. They do not want that to happen. Are you thinking in those terms?

    Gurus, can you please let me know your opinion on the below item? thanks a lot.

    I am thinking about having our parents visit us next year. I am planning to have them here for about 185 days - more than the usual 180 days. Do you think there would be any kind of problem with getting the I-94 at the port of entry if we have the tickets booked? Did any do this?


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  • saketkapur
    04-13 09:27 PM
    Well I checked with my old employer's legal dept and the lawyer and they won't be revoking my 140........also since its a soft LUD so it should not be so far related to my layoff....
    However since my employer will be informing USCIS of my H1B termination in 30 to 45 days I guess I will have to be on a lookout for an RFE by mid may....
    In the mean time I have filed a new G28 through my own lawyer and am trying get into a job soon and file AC21........
    Lets see who will win the race of paperwork and beurocratic bullshit...... :eek:

    Another day in paradise....... :rolleyes:

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  • GotGoose?
    04-11 07:46 PM
    Added 2 more stamps. (eye theme)


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  • geesee_99
    12-14 11:36 AM
    Thanks for reply CPUwiz.

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  • LC2002
    04-14 11:08 AM
    COngratulations on finishing the long journey !! Keep visiting IV :)

    Thanks, sure. Can't resist to come back as it has become old habit and old habits die hard!!


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  • never_giveup
    11-05 02:26 PM
    I find it difficult to digest that parents ship their infant children to someone else to raise.
    Dude, if you find it difficult to digest, then don't do it with your kid. Its that simple.
    A debate on this is probably not warranted, as its subjective to every individual's situation.

    And btw, both my kids live with me, but they travelled with someone else to spend their vacation at grand-parent's house, so I am not trying to oppose your viewpoint.

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  • trump_gc
    01-08 01:26 PM
    Its simple,,fill in form 10c and and form 19 and send it to HR. They should even help you get it direct deposit in to your local account in India. I got mine....it was pain-less. This was not with tcs,,,another company...


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  • imv116
    03-02 02:13 PM
    Yes, just as InTheMoment has said H1 option does exist, but chances are more with EAD.

    It�s not like we switching jobs. Good univ, good program and good place go a long way in there career. To spend 3-5 years in a residency and another 2 years in a fellowship program, I think one has to be serious about what they choose.

    Note like we got a rank and have to take-up what ever is offered.

    EAD for H4 would have been the best things to happen, at least in light providing the same for L1.

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  • kumar1
    07-13 03:02 PM
    Can I open up a company while on H-1B? Can that company sponsor it's CEO's (that's me) GC in EB-1 category? After all, CEO should be EB-1. Can I then get some peons/servants from cheap countries on B1/B2 and pay them just per diem? Can I hire them first at my father's place in India and let them work at my father's place for 1 year and get them here on L1? Should I get them on L1-A or L1-B? My mom spends a lot of time in temples back home...can I bring her on Religious Worker VISA?

    BITZBYTZ...........can you think stright for a moment?


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  • GC Struggle
    04-10 11:49 AM
    Hi Guys -

    I have a question about EAD and related to it is a question of re entry in US.

    I am currently on h1b visa and have approved I 140 and was able to file for I-485 application along with EAD in July 07 fiasco. I got my EAD in Aug 2007 but never used it. I did not apply for AP.

    Currently I am working as a consultant for (say) Co. ABC but my h1b holder is a desi consulting firm (say) Co. XYZ.

    Now Co. ABC wants to hire me on EAD and I also want to take up this position. My current h1b expires in SEP 08 and my contract with Co. ABC expires May 2nd 2008.

    If I take up a FT job with Co. ABC on May3rd and then go to Canada on May 15th for 10 days and then come back on May 25th and enter on h1b, what could be the impacts???

    Once you use your EAD you will no option but to enter on AP. Using your EAD would automatically cancel your H1- B � This can be reactivated by filing an amendment with USCIS � by doing so you will get an H1 for a duration that you still have remaining as part of the 6 year period (in this case an H1 amendment would cost the same as a new H1)

    It is too late for me to apply and get the AP but I have to travel on May 15, at the same time I don�t want to lose this position and want to take up the FT job.

    An approval for an AP takes considerable amount of time.

    Any suggestion on what could be my options to consider. I know that as soon as you use your EAD you lose h1b status but how does USCIS comes to know? How much time it takes for them to actually know that you have moved from h1b to EAD?

    There is no way USCIS will be informed if you are using your EAD or H1. Why don�t you travel on your H1 and activate your EAD after you return from Canada

    Gurus - please help me here...........

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  • techbuyer77
    06-12 05:55 PM
    Hi all,
    I recently changed my company and joined one of the big 5.I already have my labor and I-140 approved from the previous employer.My eb3 date has become current.My previous empolyer is willing to continue my I-485 from his company. If I go ahead and file from his company, will I be able to use AC21 after 180 days? eventhough I don't work for him at the time of filing my I-485.

    I'll really appreciate any thoughts n comments on ma situation



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  • deardar
    09-14 09:57 AM
    And why does your profile say "NO" for the rally?

    Cause i cannot make it to the rally.

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  • raviram1980
    01-15 01:19 PM
    Thanks a lot for your reply and to everyone else who replied to my thread

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  • dollargc
    09-20 09:10 PM
    My 140 was received at TSC on 23 APR 2007. I also have an lud 08/05 which is a sunday.
    does anybody see a pattern.

    I140 filed Apr 19 2007
    I140 Approved Apr 23rd 2007

    I485 filed ..on July 24th 2007 to TEXAS

    LUD on I140 08/05/2007

    06-03 12:17 PM
    Anyone used this to inform CIS of their AC-21 case since it was announced?
    Any experiences??? I had sent this to my attorney for his inputs but got no response

    02-12 01:42 PM
    Currently its taking the same amount of time at both Nebraska & Texas service centers.



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