Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • uslegals
    12-21 09:56 AM
    Any advice is appreciated.!


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  • bharol
    10-09 07:26 PM


    They are reloading. ;)

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  • Joey Foley
    November 21st, 2005, 08:03 PM
    Heck no I don't mind! By the way Steve these were taken at The Patio.
    I still wish I would of got that a little bit better in focus.

    Anyway, I'm not very good with Photoshop (I own Photoshop CS2), but I usually use Corel Paint Shop Pro X. But lately I've been using Picasa2.
    It just seems a lot faster the way the program is set up.

    I need to learn Photoshop (badly). I just hadn't had time.

    Thanks for the help guys, it is VERY much appreciated.

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  • SertTurk
    07-19 09:39 AM
    Did not recieve any cards,what is that?


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  • JunRN
    08-18 01:28 PM
    Speculation is always part of one's life. We want to know our future options, that's why we speculate. Some speculations are deduction from facts and some are just inference. We cannot avoid speculating. What we can do is trying to know which speculation is nearer to the truth and which ones are not.

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  • waiting for GC2010
    11-16 02:35 PM
    I heard this from one of my friends
    one couple husband on H1b(7th year i think) and wife is using EAD to work.They went India for vacation and while coming back the officer there asked the guy that
    Being a primary applicant of green card you are on H1b,then how would your wife use EAD instead of being on H4?
    So,the guy also changed to EAD.

    But ofcourse this might not be the case with everyone.
    never knows everything depends on our fate.


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  • Suva
    07-19 11:43 PM
    Why not? 140 is not retrogressed. Anytime you can file I-140. So if i-485 is valid between Aug 1-17 then you can file both between that dates also.

    As per the last revised visa bulletin, the extension period for filling I-485 is Aug 17. But it talks about only I485 and not about I-140.

    So can anyone confirm, if one can file I-140 and I-485 concurrently from Aug 1 to Aug 17.

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  • vactorboy29
    10-09 02:33 PM
    Thank you guyes.I am trying to get hold of there chicago office but no luck so far.


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  • cagedcactus
    04-22 08:48 AM
    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently expanded the reinstatement of premium processing for I-140 petitions. This is a subtle change, still limiting I-140 premium processing to a small group of cases for which the I-140 approval is needed in order to obtain eligibility for additional H1B time. The change was effective March 2, 2009. The expansion includes individuals who have already reached the end of their six years in H1B status, who would be eligible for additional time upon the approval of the I-140 petition. This situation is explained here for MurthyDotCom and MurthyBulletin readers. Examples of options for individuals in H1B status are also provided.
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    I am sorry if I am not reading this right, but does it mean that a person on his 7th year H-1B can apply for pp? I am currently on 7nth year, and renewal is due before september. My I 140 is pending since July 2007, and no LUDs or updates. Am I elligible?

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  • admin
    06-02 07:01 AM
    My spouse's employer will apply for her H1B shortly (she is on F1 right now). Her passport expires in March 2007 but the Indian consulate does not allow you for a renewal earlier than 6 months of the expiration date.

    Does USCIS have any requirements for validity dates for passport when application for H1B is sent?

    I think USCIS will allow you to file for her H-1. BTW the H-1 quota is over for FY2007 -

    However if your wife has a Masters degree from the US she might still be able to apply.


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  • sam_hoosier
    02-12 01:42 PM
    Currently its taking the same amount of time at both Nebraska & Texas service centers.

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  • TexasGC2011
    04-07 04:46 PM
    I was trying to use the Free Conference Call service to ask a question to the lawyer but was informed that the access code 388991 is incorrect. Has it been changed? If so, can someone provide the new code.

    Thank you very much for providing this invaluable service to the entire community.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    04-30 12:28 PM
    ... does it imply that you can work abroad while your work GC is being processed... speculation, no doubt:rolleyes:

    According to the WSJ Article today (4/30/07):
    Eight (years) refers to the number of years designated to clear the backlog of pending applications for permanent residency documents, or "green cards," from persons abroad or living here with a legal work visa. ... the application backlog would be confined to people who applied before May 2005, when major immigration legislation was introduced in the Senate in the last Congress

    I am on EB3 RW with PD of Feb 06. Does this mean even after CIR + SKIL passes and gets enacted, causing PDs to move forward significantly or become current in some categories and allowing us to file 485 & EAD... we have to wait 8 more years in preadjucation/ FBI name check delays/ Service Center Application backlogs (current NSC backlogged to Sept 06 for EB based 485)?

    I am really freaked out. Can someone please shed some light on this.

    (I posted this in another forum, but it seems that was shutdown. It's also on News Articles thread - but since that's for news only I wasn't sure if my question would get answered there, so re-posting it. Admin(s), if you must delete this, atleast send me a PM with answer to me question if you know it. Thanks.)

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    10-19 01:09 PM
    I am from Long Island. I am a name check victim. What can we do? Where and when can we gather?


    birthday wishes cards for boss. irthday wishes cards for oss
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  • shimul99
    09-20 04:15 PM
    is there any possiblity that the EB3-ROW from Bngladesh become current soon. can you tell any approx.....days. What about in October....i heard that the new visa will be available in Oct every year. Is there any quota for different countries....??????? thanks again

    your application will be accepted and processed (since you applied when your date was current), but it cant be approved until you are current again. So you can keep getting/renewing EADs/APs, security and background checks will happen etc, but no final approval until EB3-ROW becomes current for your PD.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    01-02 10:29 AM
    Hello All,
    Just curious and needed your opinion. My wife has a valid H4 status until 2010 (no visa but petition approved). She used her EAD card for all of 5 days about a year ago and then has not worked since then. I am confused if I need to apply for renewal of her EAD to maintain her legal status in the country considering having used EAD for 5 days might have triggered her out of H4 status. Any thoughts on this? Do i need to renew her EAD to maintain her legal status in the country even with a valid H4 petition until 2010? We also have 485 petition filed and pending over 180 days. I am wondering if it is required for a person with 485 pending for over 180 days to always maintain a valid EAD card even though they are not employeed. Thank you all in advance.

    No you don't have to renew EAD to maintain AOS. EAD is one of the benefits (or privilege) you get while your GC application (I-485) is pending. If the person is not going to work, there is no need to renew EAD. Also, same for AP. If you don't intend to travel, no need to renew AP each and every year.


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  • pmb76
    07-17 07:43 PM
    After receiving the flowers on July 10, Emilio Gonzales went to the library to study about Gandhi. He spent 2 whole nights reading the life history of the Mahatma. Finally the Mahatma appeared right before his eyes and made him realize the injustice inflicted by the July VB revision. The rest is history :D

    Thanks to IV core and members for rekindling the spirit of the Mahatma in the land of opportunity.

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  • sac-r-ten
    07-28 10:19 AM
    I think snathan is correct. if you look at the 485 denial letter it should say something related to EAD is invalid or something like that.

    Sorry about your situation and Good luck.

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  • ssdtm
    12-11 04:49 PM
    Here is good thread that answers most of your questions

    12-13 12:45 PM
    My collegues have travelled via Germany with exipred visa(they had valid I94s too). and I heard that only via Germany transit visa is not necessary. But if you travel through France, transit visa is necessary.

    12-06 10:29 AM
    they said i have to wait for 45 days i think my the service request is opened only like a week back. so still waiting.

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